Flavours of Spain - International Paella Championships

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Sydney, May 2014Flavours of Spain, the Australian-based catering company that provides delicious, authentic Spanish paella to different events in Australia, will host the 1st International Spanish Paella Championships in May 2014. The competition takes place on Sunday 25 May as the prelude to and opening event for food and wine festival A Taste of Manly. The contest invites Australian and international chefs to cook and fight for the title of Best Paella in Oceania. The top three winners in Manly will then go on to compete in the internationally renowned Sueca Paella Festival in Valencia, Spain, for the chance to be recognised worldwide as the world’s leading paella chef.

“We are very proud to be bringing this international contest to Australia and look forward to receiving applications from the most qualified chefs and paella lovers throughout Australia and other places in Oceania,” says Miguel Cuevas, named the Paella Ambassador in Australia by and founder of Flavours of Spain.

“It’s an opportunity to present a truly unique food festival to the Australian", says Miguel Cuevas, named the Paella Ambassador in Australia by Visitors who come to Manly to enjoy the Oceania’s first international paella contest will experience a vibrant and memorable gastronomic journey to Spain.”

Chefs from some of the best restaurants in Australia and New Zealand will participate including: Simply Spanish (Melbourne), Robert Burns (Melbourne), Smolt (Tasmania), Sah Modern Mediterranean (North Adelaide) Verandah Restaurant (Polkobin, NSW) Balcony (Byron Bay, NSW) Movida (Sydney), El mercado (Sydney), Señor paella (Queensland), The Deck (Sydney), Out of Africa (Manly, NSW) Postales Restaurant (Sydney) and Osteria del Toro representing New Zealand.

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For more details about Sueca Paella Festival, please check out this video:

1-QUAY - Sydney chefs_hat_best_au_restaurants_flavours_of_spainchefs_hat_best_au_restaurants_flavours_of_spainchefs_hat_best_au_restaurants_flavours_of_spain  / World Ranking: The-best-australian-restaurant-flavours-of-spain

Cuisine: Modern Australian/Contemporary

Location: Sydney, NSW

Quick Word: Iconic views, amazing presentation of dishes, eclectic Australian ingredients, textural variety

Chef: Peter Gilmore


It's second year in the World Top 100 Restaurant list, Quay came in at number 27 and earned the title of Best Restaurant in Australiasia. It also retains 3 hat status in the SMH Good Food Guide and 3 stars in Gourmet Traveller magazine into 2011. Overlooking Sydney Cove, Quay features stunning views sweeping across from the Sydney Opera House at one end to the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the other end. The dishes are as aesthetically pleasing as the views, they are beautifully plated with vibrant colours in forms that draw inspiration and metaphors to scenes and objects from nature. Past the superficial, the menu doesn't fail to deliver quality and creativity. Textural variety and complexity is a notable feature of Peter Gilmore's cooking and is showcased in dishes such as the Jackfruit Snow Egg or the Eight Textured Chocolate Cake. Rare and unusual ingredients are sourced from around Australia to create dishes that are as much about balance as they are about contrast of flavours and textures. Dining at Quay is a captivating experience that showcases the great diversity and quality that modern Australian cuisine can offer, set amidst some of the most iconic scenery that Australia can offer.